Not that risky, I'd do this

Pretty risky, I'd do this now and again

Crazy risky! I'd never do this

  • Cross the road listening to music
  • Cycle without a helmet
  • Go out without breakfast
  • Encourage a driver to exceed the speed limit
  • Not wear a seatbelt
  • Have an extra snooze in the morning
  • Brush your teeth in the toilet
  • Check Facebook and texts in the street
  • Audition for the school show
  • Cycle in the dark without lights
  • Give a toddler a water pistol
  • Cross when the green man is flashing
  • Stay up late
  • Do a challenge for charity

Discussion Points

  • Why do we need to be on the ball when we’re out and about?
  • Think about your journey to school. Do you ever allow yourself extra time?
  • What stupid things you might do when you’re rushing?
  • Why do some people refuse to wear a helmet?
  • Something that takes just a few minutes can make a huge difference to our well-being, so why do we treat ‘routine’ things as such a chore?
  • Do passengers have a responsibility when they get into a car?