Learning to drive: what you need to know




Here’s are the stages you need to go through to get a driving licence in Scotland.

Check you’re allowed to drive

  • Most people can learn to drive after they turn 17.
  • You must meet the minimum eyesight rules.
  • Apply for the correct driving license.

Getting the correct license

  • Apply for a provisional license from the DVLA.
  • This usually costs somewhere between £34 and £43. You’ll need to also supply passport photos.

Getting driving lessons

  • After you’ve applied for a provisional license, your next step is to get some lessons.
  • A quick online search will bring up a list of driving schools in your area.

Taking your driving theory test

  • You’ll also need to get to know the Highway Code.
  • There are plenty of places to practice and revise, as well as mock tests.
  • There is also an app from the DVSA to help you prepare.
  • The theory test costs £23 in Scotland.

Taking your driving test

  • You have to pass your theory test before you can sit your driving test.
  • If you’ve learned through a driving school, it’s likely that your instructor will book your test in for you.
  • Otherwise, you can book your driving test here, and you can check your driving test appointment details, or cancel your test here.
  • The driving test costs between £62 and £75 in Scotland.

After your test

  • You’re legally allowed to drive as soon as you pass your test.
  • Make sure you have the correct insurance before you start driving.