Scotland’s roads are dangerous places for young people.

Indeed, our roads are responsible for more deaths and injuries to children than anything else.

Road Safety Scotland has drawn on research and science to give young people the skills and knowledge they need to stay safe.

  • Scientific insights into early brain development, research and consultation with experts are at the heart of Road Safety Scotland’s early years programme.
  • Children absorb information if they are inspired, involved and motivated. That’s why Road Safety Scotland’s approach involves multi-sensory learning. It works across curricular areas and is also engaging for adults involved in helping spread the safety message.
  • The multi-media approach meets key elements of the Early Years Framework and Curriculum for Excellent and encourages learning through hands-on experiences and observation at home, nursery and school.

Go Safe with Ziggy!

Go Safe with Ziggy! is a great way to for young children to have fun while absorbing vital lessons in how to stay safe around roads. At home, nursery and school, the lessons they learn now provide the foundation for future attitudes and behaviour.