Scotland's Road Safety Framework
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Scotland's Road Safety Framework to 2030 - Delivery Plan 2021/22

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Highway Code Review

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Drug Driving Week

Real Stories

Real Life Stories

The following stories are written by, and given with permission from, those affected by a fatal road traffic collisions. They’re a heart-breaking reminder of why it’s important we all help each other stay safe on Scotland’s roads.


Key Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2020

There were 142 road fatalities in 2020, a decrease of 24 from 2019. This is the lowest figure since records began in 1950.


Scotland’s Road Safety Framework Evaluation Fund - Changing Gears report

Recently we have funded Cycling Scotland on a “Changing Gears” report.


UK Cycle Helmets

Road casualty statistics for 2019 reveals that 4,433 pedal cyclists suffered a serious injury or fatality in Great Britain. This equates to more than 12 per day.