Scotland's Road Safety Framework

The Scottish Government is committed to achieving the long-term vision for active travel in Scotland, where communities are shaped around people, with walking and cycling the most popular choice for shorter, everyday journeys. With this in mind, the Road Safety Framework 2030 details plans to ensure that road safety remains a key focus of active & sustainable travel in Scotland.

The Road Safety Framework 2030 embeds the Safe System approach whereby all road users are expected to use the roads safely and comply with the rules.

With more of us opting to cycle and a responsibility to ensure that we are using the roads safely, it is important to know how to keep your bike well maintained. A well-maintained, and clean bike will not only work better, keeping it safe, but shouldn’t wear out as fast either.

Enjoy hassle-free, safe, riding by checking your bike before every journey.

Cycling UK have brought together expert advice to help you maintain your bike and get the most out of cycling with their 5 guides for simple bike maintenance: Simple bike maintenance guides | Cycling UK

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, known as ‘electrically assisted pedal cycles’, are cycles with an electric motor fitted and they are fast becoming a popular option for those looking for an alternative mode of transport for every day journeys.

As with a regular pedal bike, e-bikes require general maintenance however, e-bikes are also equipped with a motor and a battery that will need charged between rides.

Read electric bike expert, Richard Peace, tips on how to look after an e-bike battery published by Sustrans here: How to look after your e-bike battery: charging and maintenance –

Bikeability Scotland

Bikeability Scotland, the national cycle training programme available for all school children, is designed to give children the skills and confidence they need to cycle safely on the roads, supporting the next generation of confident and responsible road users.

In order to make the programme as affective as possible, Bikeability Scotland have released a ‘Parents Guide’ to help families prepare which includes important steps to ensure that bikes are safe. This information details a step-by-step guide including the ‘M check’ – a simple way to make sure your bike is safe to ride. You can view the ‘M check’ video from Sustrans below.

Cycling Repair Scheme

Cycling UK and participating retailers also deliver the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme. Funded by the Scottish Government, the schemed provides free bike repair and maintenance work up to a value of £50.

Learn more about the scheme: Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme | Cycling UK