Scotland's Road Safety Framework

Speed is very regularly cited as one of the most common collision causation factors and is related to both collision occurrence and severity. Inappropriate or excessive speed is a major cause of death and injury on roads and there is also overwhelming evidence that the frequency of accidents rises disproportionately with speed.

Reducing inappropriate and excessive speeding is a key focus of Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2030. As part of the Road Safety Framework to 2030 we will undertake a National Speed Management Review to support a range of policies that assists those Government national outcomes and indicators that are relevant to this area. Related policy drivers include better road safety and health outcomes, promotion of active travel, climate change mitigation, place making and economic growth. Once the review has been completed we will consider the outcomes alongside local authorities and other key stakeholders, including the need for revision of any national guidance.

A recent Road Safety Information Tracking Study (RITS) Wave 19, showed driver behaviours and attitudes to speed. The report highlighted that;


of people have exceeded the speed limit by 5 mph in 20 mph limits.


of people have exceeded the speed limit by 5 mph in 30 mph limits.


of people have drove at 40 mph in a 30 mph limit.


admit to having driven at least once in the past year at 90 mph on the motorway.

The Scottish Government is committed to reducing risk on our roads and to help combat this problem Road Safety Scotland have recently produced a new speed campaign aimed at raising the awareness of the dangers of speed and the impact this can have on individuals, families and communities.