Scotland's Road Safety Framework

Reducing casualties on Scotland’s roads is fundamental to Transport Scotland and our road safety partners. One way that we can reduce the number of people injured on Scotland’s roads is through targeted camera enforcement and improving driver behaviour.

Speed is very regularly cited as one of the most common collision causation factors and is related to both collision occurrence and severity. With this in mind road users should observe the speed limits at all times and travel at the appropriate speed to the road conditions. We want all road users to view speeding as being socially unacceptable.

We encourage everybody to #KnowYourLimits.

Throughout the summer months, there will be a likely increase in traffic volumes, where some motorists may feel that it is acceptable to travel above the speed limit. As a result of the Covid–19 pandemic, there will be an increase in staycations this summer with motorists travelling all across Scotland. All road users are reminded to drive within the speed limit.

There will be more vulnerable road users on Scotland’s roads this summer and all motorists should be aware of their presence.

Police Scotland’s summer staycation campaign emphasises the penalties of driving above the speed limit, including £100 fine and 3 points on your licence, as well as more serious consequences such as collisions and injuries.

Overall Key Messages

  • Stay within the speed limits this staycation
  • Speed limits should still be adhered to in good weather conditions
  • Driving above the speed limit can have serious consequences
  • There are more vulnerable road users during the summer months
  • Be aware of other road users

Due to the increase of staycations across Scotland this summer, it is expected that more people will be towing caravans and trailers.

If this is you then please take the time to read our article on ‘Whatever you’re towing, make it SAFE’.