Scotland's Road Safety Framework
In 2019, there were 520 motorcycle casualties, with 25 being fatal.

Over the last 24 years, vehicle stock has increased by 51% and motorcycle stock has seen an increase of 72%, this trend looks set to continue.

2019 data shows that there has been little reduction in fatal or all serious motorcyclist casualties compared to the 2004-08 average. While all modes of transport have shown reductions of 43% (fatals) and 45% all (injuries) in that same period, motorcyclist data shows reductions of 40% and 38% respectively.

In 2019, motorcyclists accounted for less than 1% of all journeys and less than 1% of traffic in Scotland but, disproportionately, they represented 7% of casualties.

Although motorcycle casualties has seen a 19% decrease from 2018 we have to continue to work towards our Vision Zero, where no one is killed on seriously injured on Scotland’s roads by 2050. Scotland’s Road Safety Framework 2030 introduces a number of mode-specific targets to focus our efforts on reducing casualties including a 30% reduction in motorcyclists killed or seriously injured.

Nine of the 25 motorcycling fatalities in Scotland in 2019 were due to loss of control. While travelling on your bike in the coming motorcycle season, it is crucial that you ride within your ability and that you are not taking unnecessary risk on the road. Be honest with yourself, seek further training if you feel that you need it.

With the motorcycle season commencing, it is important that your bike is in the best possible condition before riding your bike on the road.

Some examples of safety checks that you can carry out for your motorcycle include:

  • Check that the chain is in good condition
  • Check your oil and changing the oil filters if appropriate
  • Check that your tyres are in appropriate conditions – checking for any cuts or bulges
  • Check that your brakes are in working order and ensuring that your bike is topped up with brake fluid

These are just some of the many safety checks that you can carry out to ensure that your motorcycle is in the best possible condition before riding.

Road Safety Scotland carry out many educational campaigns throughout the year and have helpful information and tips on riding your motorcycle safely:

Riding a motorbike safely | Road Safety Scotland