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Drive like Gran’s in the car #DRIVESMART

Drive like Gran’s in the car #DRIVESMART

Roads are unpredictable and life is full of distractions, but help is at hand.

Meet Gran. She’s no-nonsense and pops up in the least likely of places.

Scotland's Road Safety Framework

A compelling long-term vision for road safety in Scotland

The road safety framework advocates a vision for Scotland to have the best road safety performance in the world to 2030.

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Don't make her have to tell you again. 👵 Drive like Gran's in the car. #DriveSmart

For advice on country road driving, take a look ➡️ http://bit.ly/2HojEWe

Tempted to put your foot down on country roads? Remember Gran's wise words. Drive like Gran's in the car. #DriveSmart
For more advice, take a look ➡️ http://bit.ly/2HojEWe

Heading to Playground Festival this weekend for a boogie with Gran? Even if you've been to sleep after drinking, there could still be alcohol in your system the next morning. When it comes to drink driving, there’s no grey area #DriveSmart -https://roadsafety.scot/topics/drink-driving/