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Drive like Gran’s in the car #DRIVESMART

Drive like Gran’s in the car #DRIVESMART

Roads are unpredictable and life is full of distractions, but help is at hand.

Meet Gran. She’s no-nonsense and pops up in the least likely of places.


Direction Magazine – Winter 2019

Road Safety Scotland’s newsletter Direction Winter 2019.

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Ziggy comes from planet Cosmos 🚀 What do you think it’s like there? Are there roads and traffic? Flying cars? Draw a picture and share with us in the comments!

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Only use the roads if you need to make an essential journey this weekend - and don't forget to watch your speed. We all have a part to play to ease the strain on emergency services. #DriveSmart

If you need to make an essential journey over the weekend, #DriveSmart and use the roads safely by sticking to the speed limit and taking extra care in built-up areas.