Road Safety Scotland is part of Transport Scotland, the Scottish Government’s transport agency. It sits within the Transport Accessibility and Road Safety branch of the Transport Policy Directorate.


Road Safety Scotland works to promote awareness of road safety issues in Scotland. We also ensure effective co-operation and communication between relevant bodies.

The aims of this are:

  • To raise and maintain public awareness of road safety issues
  • To work with the Scottish Government and Transport Scotland
  • To develop strategies to address Scottish road safety problems
  • To contribute to the delivery of Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2030
  • To promote the development of Scottish road safety educational materials
  • To carry out targeted road safety publicity campaigns
  • To co-ordinate road safety activity in Scotland in order to maximise the effectiveness of national initiatives
  • To contribute towards achievement of the Scottish Government’s targets for casualty reduction by the year 2030
  • To evaluate Road Safety Scotland’s activities to ensure the efficient and effective use of resources


  • To provide a Scottish Forum for the interchange of information between representatives of the Scottish Government, Transport Scotland, Scottish Local Authorities, Police Scotland, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and other organisations having a specific remit for, or interest in, road safety
  • To liaise with the Department for Transport (DfT) in support of GB road safety projects and publicity campaigns, and to advise the DfT on specific Scottish initiatives
  • To work with Police Scotland and other partners in the co-ordination and publicity of Scottish road safety education/enforcement initiatives
  • To co-operate with local authorities and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (CoSLA) to co-ordinate road safety education, training and publicity initiatives
  • To develop, promote, collate, and disseminate information on good practice in road safety education, training, and publicity throughout Scotland
  • To assist road safety organisations and personnel in Scotland in maximising the potential for casualty reduction through education and publicity
  • To encourage the production of road safety education, training and publicity materials in Scotland where appropriate, and to ensure the dissemination of information regarding such materials in order to reduce duplication of effort
  • To support and complement UK national education and training measures, especially those relevant to Scottish issues
  • To develop project plans for Road Safety Scotland initiatives, building in pre-campaign appraisal, monitoring and evaluation arrangements
  • To promote widely the new Early Years’ approach to road safety
  • To report to Transport Scotland


Road Safety Scotland has responsibility for road safety education and publicity, working with many partners across Scotland to ensure that road safety is seen as a lifelong skill.

It draws its membership from across the road safety community in Scotland, and organises an annual Seminar for all members to come together.

Annual Seminars

The Road Safety Scotland annual seminar provides details of the latest research and innovative road safety programmes.

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