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From sharing our content on your own social media channels to partnership activity, we appreciate your help in spreading these important messages as widely as possible.

Older drivers campaign

As you get older, changes in your vision and other health issues can affect your driving. There are lots things you can do to continue driving safely like getting regular NHS eye examinations. Learn more about what you can do to keep driving safely.

20mph campaign

If you hit someone at 30mph, they’re seven times more likely to die than at 20mph. To keep everyone safe in cities, towns and villages across Scotland, new reduced 20mph speed limits will be put in place on all appropriate roads.

Drug driving

It’s easy to catch drug drivers.

Pavement Parking

It’s illegal to park on pavements, at drop kerbs and to double park in Scotland. To avoid a fine of up to £100, ensure you park in a way that keeps everyone safe.

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There’s a rise in the number of people not wearing seatbelts. A recent study shows that even a 2% drop in people wearing seatbelts is estimated to result in a 5% increase in fatalities*. The potential consequences of not wearing a seatbelt are felt by those left behind – they feel the impact too.

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Driver fatigue

Fatigue is a contributory factor in crashes which kill or seriously-injure around 50 people. To tackle the serious issue of driver fatigue, the Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland (part of Transport Scotland) have launched a new campaign with a clear message for all drivers – Driving Tired Kills.

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Young drivers campaign assets

Our ‘Drive like Gran’s in the car’ campaign looks to encourage safer driving habits in young male drivers aged 20-29 years in Scotland. The relatable, straight-talking Gran characters appear unexpectedly across a range of scenarios to put their Grandsons firmly in their place about their unsafe driving behaviour.

Use our stakeholder toolkit and the individual campaign assets below to help spread Gran’s very important messages.

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Driving around Scotland

With the boom in staycation holidays this summer, Scotland’s roads will be busier than ever. Our ‘Listen to the locals’ campaign encourages people to plan ahead and gives a flavour of what drivers can expect when driving in our beautiful country with friendly advice from those who know best. Help spread their good word with visitors today by using the ideas and assets below.

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Drive on the left campaign assets

Our international campaign reminds visitors to drive on the left and be cautious on Scotland’s roads. Many visitors may be unfamiliar with the road rules in Scotland, especially for more rural locations, single-track roads and passing places. Help us spread this important campaign message by sharing our assets.

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