Playing safely

Children often like to play where and when they want, but don't always know if it is a safe location.

For nursery and primary school levels:

  • ELC
  • P1

Activity idea: Playing safely

This activity helps children understand that they should always play in safe places away from traffic.

What you need:

A picture of Ziggy.


Ask the children to stand in a space facing you.


  1. Show the children a picture of Ziggy and explain that they have to listen very carefully and do what Ziggy says. If Ziggy doesn’t say, then they have to stand really still
  2. Play ‘Ziggy Says….’
    Ziggy says jump in the park;
    wriggle in the garden;
    hop in the park;
    skip on the road;
    jog in the car park;
    jump in the playground
  3. At the end of the activity ask the children if they remember all of the safe places to play that Ziggy said. Then ask:
    • Which places were dangerous?
    • Why are they dangerous?
    • What should they do if they are in a dangerous place to play? (e.g. in a car park they should stay close to an adult and not run around)

Suggested Curriculum for Excellent outcomes this content may relate to:

  • I am learning to assess and manage risk, to protect myself and others, and to reduce the potential for harm where possible. HWB 0-16a
  • I know and can demonstrate how to keep myself and others safe and how to respond in a range of emergency situations. HWB 0-17a
  • I listen or watch for useful or interesting information and I use this to make choices or learn new things. LIT 0-04a
  • I am developing my movement skills through practice and energetic play. HWB 0-22a
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