Road safety whilst walking

Playing games like ‘Count how many yellow cars you see’ helps them become more road aware.

For nursery and primary school levels:

  • ELC
  • P1

How to keep kids safe whilst walking near roads

Children can’t assess unseen risks until they’re around 8 years old. Talking to them about things you see near roads is a great way to make them more aware of the dangers.

3 ways to show them how to take extra care:

  1. Lead by example
    One of the most important things you can do is to set a good example. So emphasise the idea of waiting and checking both ways (twice!) before crossing.
  2. Hold hands
    Whenever you’re near a road – hold their hand, make sure they walk on the inside of the pavement, and keep them away from moving vehicles. This will make them feel protected and it’ll keep them safe.
  3. Stay alert
    Pay full attention when near traffic. Avoid looking at your phone, or looking for something in your bag whilst you’re walking.
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