Traffic is dangerous

For nursery and primary school levels:

  • ELC
  • P1

Traffic is dangerous – a runaround game!

This Ziggy activity is a game that will help your Early Learning and Childcare group realise the potential dangers of traffic, and encourage them to become more aware of the hazards around roads.

  • Step 1: Everyone find a space and jog on the spot
  • Step 2: Bend down and touch the ground – how does it feel? (e.g. hard) And then touch your tummy – how does it feel? (e.g. soft)
  • Step 3: When I say ‘tummy’ I want you to lie down, on your tummy, on the floor, being careful not to hurt yourself

Then repeat the steps using different body parts (e.g. knee, elbow, ear, etc).

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