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Ziggy Out and About

For nursery and primary school levels:

  • ELC
  • P1

Traffic comes in all shapes and sizes

This interactive flipbook teaches children all about the different kinds of traffic on our roads, and how to stay safe around it.

Out and About

Lynda Kennedy and Lynn Taylor

Lynda Cheanadach agus Lynn Taylor

Lynda Kennedy and Lynn Taylor

A mum strapping her baby into its car seat

We’re out and about hip hip hooray!
There’s so much to see along the way!

Tha sinn a-muigh air splaoid – holo horo!
Tha an leithid ri fhaicinn air an rathad!

We’re oot an aboot hip hip hooray!
Thare’s sae much tae deek alang the wey

A pink car on a road

A pink car.
Broom. Broom.

Càr pinc.

A pink caur.
Broom. Broom.

A purple van driving up a hill

A purple van.
Zoom. Zoom.

Bhana purpaidh.

A purple van.
Zoom. Zoom.

A fire engine with a flashing light

A red fire engine.
Nee-naw. Nee-naw.

Inneal-smàlaidh dearg.
Nì-nò nì-nò.

A reid fire ingine.
Nee-naw. Nee-naw.

The green man on a crossing light

A green man.
Beeb beeb. Beeb beeb.

Fear uaine.
Bìb-bìb bìb-bìb.

A green mannie.
Beeb beeb. Beeb beeb.

A blue bus driving along the road

A blue bus.
Ding ding! Room for one more!

Bus gorm.
Gliong-gliong! Tha àite ann airson aonan a bharrachd!

A blae bus.
Din din! Rume fer ane mair!

A yellow lorry driving down a hill

A yellow lorry.
I’m so big. Hear me roar!

Làraidh bhuidhe.
Tha mise cho mòr; èist ri mo ghàirich!

A yellae lorrie.
Ah’m sae muckle, hear my roar!

A stripey lollipop shaped like a rocket

A rainbow rocket?

Rocaid bogha-froise?

A rainbowe rocket?

A stripey rocket-shaped lollipop on top of an ice cream van

No it’s a lolly!
Yum. Yum. Slurp. Slurp.

Chan e, ’s e loilidh a th’ ann!
Math-math. Slub-slub.

Naw it’s a lollie!
Yum. Yum. Slurp. Slurp.

An ice cream van, a lorry, a bus, a fire engine, a van and a car driving along a road

We’re out and about. Yippee!
Let’s see what else you can see!

Tha sinn a-muigh air splaoid – hoigh!
Feuch dè eile a chì thu!

We’re oot an aboot – yippee!
Let’s deek whit mair ye can deek!

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