Ziggy's traffic spotters

Staying safe on the roads means being aware of different kinds of traffic.

For nursery and primary school levels:

  • ELC
  • P1

Activity idea: Ziggy’s traffic spotters

This activity shows children that there’s all kinds of traffic on roads, not just cars.

What you need:

Traffic noises – we have a Sound gallery full of different noises from different kinds of traffic.


Sit the children in a circle round the post box, or if space allows, split into two groups.


  1. The children have to post some special letters, but the box is on the other side of the road and so they have to cross the road safely
  2. When the music plays, the children pass the letter around the circle using one hand only – the other hand stays behind their back. You can also have two letters circulating at the same time
  3. When the music stops, the child with the letter stands up and stays very still. They have to WAIT for you to take their hand and cross over to the box to post the letter and back to their place
  4. Repeat this for the other letters
  5. When all the letters have been posted discuss with the children what they’ve learned.
  6. The game can finish with a special letter addressed to the children from Ziggy, containing a message and stickers to say how well they have done.

Suggested Curriculum for Excellence outcomes this content may relate to:

  • I know and can demonstrate how to travel safely. HWB 0-18a
  • By exploring and observing movement I can describe what I have learned about it. HWB 0-24a
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