Distracted driver

For secondary school levels:

  • S4
  • S5
  • S6

Distracted driver: The facts

There are lots of different kinds of distractions that can impact your ability to drive safely.

Watch Professor Steve Stradling’s video on why it’s impossible to drive safely when you’re distracted, and read through our list below.

10 things you should never do when you’re driving:

  1. Listen to really loud music
  2. Eat an apple
  3. Fix your hair
  4. Have an argument
  5. Use your phone
  6. Put on make-up
  7. Program your sat-nav
  8. Take off your jumper
  9. Reach to the back seat
  10. Drink a hot drink without a secure lid

Activity: Two things

  1. Look at the ‘Two things’ flyer and see how difficult it is to read two things at once.
  2. Now make up two short sentences: one about driving and another about being distracted in the car.
  3. Design your own sign – interweaving both sentences. Choose two strong opposing colours for each sentence.
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