It's really important to engage with your audience

In any intervention, it's important to get your group interested from the start.

Ways to engage with your audience

The approach you take for delivering an intervention will depend on the amount of time and the number of sessions you can spend engaging with your target audience.

Whilst we can’t cover every single area, here are some general things to keep in mind when you’re developing the theme and content.

Set out expectations early

Setting the ‘rules of engagement’ at the start of your session can help to lower barriers and make sure your group feels like there’s an open forum where they can speak freely.

Keep the discussion going

It’s useful to encourage more discussion and active learning. Discussion should form part of your session with groups, or it could be in the form of self-reflection.

Rehearse solutions

Allowing your group to rehearse how they would deal with certain situations can be very effective in terms of giving practical ways to deal with real life situations.

Use different learning methods

People like to learn using various methods, and the more ways you approach a subject, the more likely it is to be understood.

Add some extra stimulus

Most groups will respond well to initial stimulus, which can help to spark discussion. This motivation could be in the form of images, or a selection of relevant YouTube clips.

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