Running an intervention

A successful road safety initiative needs to be properly facilitated.

Making an intervention happen

When it comes to facilitating a road safety initiative, there are a few factors worth thinking about. Please bear in mind that this is just general guidance and doesn’t necessarily cover everything on the subject.

Using a trained facilitator

This can be a useful option, as some trained facilitators will have the right kind of experience to run sessions. They’ll also know how to engage with the young people in the group.

Choosing the right trained facilitator

A community or youth worker can be a great option. Being specially trained to engage with young people, they often know how to encourage active participation and deal with more difficult participants.

Knowing when it’s a success

The session should feel like the facilitator, and that young people are working together to overcome a challenge. What’s more, a well-run session should be delivered as it was designed and intended.

Remember to be respectful

As with most types of education and public health engagement, it’s important not to patronise, lecture, or talk down to any young people taking part.

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