Why you should evaluate.

The evaluation phase plays a crucial part in any intervention.

The reasons why evaluation is so important

Evaluating an intervention can help you understand whether the Intervention aims and objectives and Intervention outcomes have been achieved.

An evaluation can also:

  • Help to make sure that the intervention’s not doing any harm
  • Support making a case for funding to develop and roll out a resource
    • This is often available through the Scottish Government as part of the Road Safety Framework to support evaluation

More on Scottish Government funding

  • Help others to understand the impact of your intervention, particularly if it’s well designed and executed
  • Allow others to take the same or a similar approach
  • Help to make incremental improvements to the intervention

Ask for help if people need it

The evaluation phase can be the most daunting section of intervention design. Remember that there are research professionals out there, so reach out for support if you need it.

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