Understanding how education can help young drivers

It's important to know the influence education has on road safety.

Education can play an important part in road safety

When it comes to improving road safety outcomes for young people, education alone isn’t always going to work. However, it can be used to deliver and support some key safety messages. It can help to reinforce the importance of staying safe on our roads.

Here are some of the ways it can be most effective.

Knowing the rules of the road

By supporting current regulations, we can help young people to understand not only what the rules of the road are, but also why they’re in place.

Understanding how the rules are enforced

Whether it’s ongoing or specific campaigns, we can teach young people about the enforcement of the rules of the road. We can also explain to them how and why the authorities punish drivers who break the law.

Supporting a road safety culture

By connecting with young people and reinforcing consistent messages about safe driving, education can help to support a wider culture of road safety in Scotland.

Helping to fill any information gaps

From rules of the road to ways of managing risk, education can often play a vital part in giving young people new and important information they might not have been aware of.

Insights and solutions

Education works best when it challenges young people. This is usually by giving them insights into their limitations and also providing solutions on how to manage situations properly.

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