Crash Magnets




Senior phase road safety

This section is aimed at S4s to S6s. It starts to get them thinking about their own behaviours and attitudes around roads and driving.

Perfect for those who are learning to drive – or thinking about learning to drive – the content has been designed to be relevant, informative, and is all linked to Curriculum for Excellence.

Curriculum for Excellence

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HWB 3-04a, HWB 3-16a, HWB 3-17a, HWB 3-18a, HWB 4-04a, HWB 4-16a, HWB 4-17a, HWB 4-18a, HWB 4-19a

LIT 3-05a, LIT 3-07a, LIT 3-08a, LIT 3-09a, LIT 3-18a, LIT 3-24a, LIT 3-29a, LIT 4-05a, LIT 4-07a, LIT 4-08a, LIT 4-09a, LIT 4-18a, LIT 4-24a, LIT 4-25a, LIT 4-29a

EXA 4-03a, EXA 4-12a, EXA 4-13a

SOC 4-16a, SOC 4-17b