Crash Magnets




Distracted driver: The facts

Hear Professor Steve Stradling’s reasons why it’s impossible to drive safely when you’re distracted.

10 things you should never do when you’re driving:

  1. Listen to really loud music
  2. Eat an apple
  3. Fix your hair
  4. Have an argument
  5. Use your phone
  6. Put on make-up
  7. Program your sat-nav
  8. Take off your jumper
  9. Reach to the back seat
  10. Drink a hot drink without a secure lid

Activity: Two things

  1. Look at the ‘Two things’ flyer and see how difficult it is to read two things at once.
  2. Now make up two short sentences: one about driving and another about being distracted in the car.
  3. Design your own sign – interweaving both sentences. Choose two strong opposing colours for each sentence.