Senior Phase




Crash Magnets and Get in Lane

For many young people aged 14-17, road safety is a subject associated with primary school and no longer of relevance. They perceive themselves to be more at risk from hazards other than those involving cars. Crash Magnets is for S4-S6 pupils and seeks to engage them by making this subject relevant to their lives and experience. Activities employ critical thinking skills, discussion and debate, and self-refection. It also advises and informs young people of the law and rules of the road.

Get in Lane covers topics from pre-driving, to passing your test and getting your first car. It offers practical advice and information on roads and the laws of the road using language and content that is easy to understand and easy to digest.

Theatre in Education

The Theatre in Education plays are currently being evaluated. Therefore, there will be no tours during the 2019-20 school year as Road Safety Scotland consider the recommendations and the way forward with the Theatre in Education service.