Go safe on Scotland's roads: it's everyone's responsibility

Road safety is an issue that affects everyone in Scotland.


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We are all responsible for keeping our roads safe

We all need to use the roads to get around – to school, to work, to the doctor, to the shops, to the cinema. Most of us use the roads every day, as drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians, and for many people driving is the main part of their job. It is therefore essential to ensure that, as far as possible, we can all use the roads in safety.

The various chapters set out the vision for road safety in Scotland, numerical targets, a description of the benefits of achieving the targets, and the general approach, including links to the National Performance Framework and the National Transport Strategy.

Included is a brief review of the main organisations involved in road safety in Scotland. Following chapters highlight the critical role of evidence in defining the problems and helping to understand the solutions. Scottish road safety priorities, issues and commitments are set out in the following chapters.

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