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Drive like Gran's in the car.

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Speeding on the roads

Nobody wants to become a statistic

925 young male drivers were involved in collisions in the last 12 months, with 148 killed or seriously injured1. A huge number of these collisions were caused by speeding.

Stats show that driving even slightly above the speed limit can make a huge difference in increasing your chances of having an accident.

So why do people speed? Is it about saving a few minutes off a journey? Keeping up with your mates in the car in front? Hardly seems worth it especially if you have precious cargo in the car, like Gran!

1Transport Scotland injury road accidents database, 2021

What is the speed limit?

The speed limit is not a guide or a target. It’s the maximum speed you should drive on any given road, and only then when the conditions make it appropriate.

It can sometimes be easy to drift over the speed limit, so check your speedometer regularly and drive to the road conditions and your surroundings, to avoid putting yourself, your passengers, and other road users in danger.

How to stay in control

Road conditions can change in an instant. That’s why driving at the speed limit may still be too fast!

To stay in control, reduce your speed and look out for things like up-coming traffic, poor weather conditions, and more vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians. It’s also useful to recognise what encourages you to speed. Is it keeping up with traffic, overtaking, or being tailgated?

Remember, you are in control of your car and your speed.

Drive like Gran’s in the car #ARRIVEALIVE.


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