Morning after

Advice for New Drivers

It’s important to remember that even after several hours sleep, if you have been drinking the night before your ability to drive the next morning may still be impaired.

Wake up to drink driving ‘the morning after’

After four drinks during an evening, the likelihood is that the next morning your ability to drive will still be affected and you may be over the legal limit to drive.

If you’re caught driving over the legal limit the next morning, you’ll face the same consequences as if you’d been caught the night before.

If you’re at all uncertain of how much alcohol you’ve consumed – don’t drive!

Is it worth risking your licence or worse? The only thing that will sober you up, is time. So if you need to be somewhere, grab a taxi or use public transport.

Attitudes to drink driving ‘the morning after’

Research shows:

  • Motorists underestimate sobering up times.
  • Many motorists choose to forget (or actually forget) their previous night’s drinking ‘the morning after’.

The fact is that it is almost impossible to calculate safely how long it will take for your body to eliminate alcohol and for your driving ability to be unimpaired. Having any alcohol at all in your system increases the risks associated with driving.