Advice for New Drivers

You’ll never forget your first car or motorbike. Follow these simple precautions to make sure you keep it as safe as possible.

Make sure you have a working alarm

  • Car alarms deter thieves from stealing your car and taking items from it.
  • Alarms must be fitted by a professional. Ask your car dealer or an installer approved by the Vehicle Systems Installation Board.
  • The installation of an approved alarm system may also reduce insurance premiums.

Keep stereos and sat navs out of sight

  • Wipe off tell tale ‘sucker marks’ on windscreens which show that that an iPod or Sat-Nav is normally kept in the car. It is also a good idea to hide connection cable
  • If your stereo is removable, take it with you when you exit the car. Mark it with your registration number or postcode and make a note of the serial number.

Get an in-car tracking device

  • If your car is expensive or has sentimental value, consider buying an in-car tracking device.
  • Some of the newest cars even come with apps that sync your car’s location to your phone.

Consider getting an immobiliser

  • Immobilisers stop your car from starting and are a good way to stop thieves.

Keep your keys with you

  • When you leave your car, always take the ignition key with you. Don’t pop back into the house and leave the engine running on a cold winter’s morning
  • At home, keep keys, including a spare set, safe and out of sight.

Make sure everything’s locked

  • Use steering wheel locks every time you leave your car
  • Locking wheel nuts are cheap, easy to fit and stop thieves from taking your wheels
  • Lock all the doors when you leave your car and even while you’re driving. Keep windows rolled up too, especially when driving slowly in traffic.

Keeping valuables secure

  • Keep valuables such as your bag, phone or iPod out of sight. Even an old coat can be too much to resist. Most car criminals ‘smash and grab’ first and think about how much it’s worth later.
  • Never leave papers lying around, especially private mail with your address on it or documents such as vehicle registration documents.
  • Take your keys, cash and cards when leaving the car.

Park securely

  • If you’ve got a garage, use it and lock it.
  • If you haven’t or you’re away from home, park where there’s plenty of light and life, or where you see a sign for a police-approved and managed car park.