Choosing an instructor

Advice for New Drivers

Some questions and tips to help you choose the right driving instructor:

  • Who did your friends use?
  • Which ones do you regularly see on the road in your area?
  • What kind of car does the instructor use; is it similar to the one you’ll practise in?
  • Find out if you’ll always get the same instructor
  • Compare prices and length of lessons
  • Check if there are discounts for block bookings
  • Is a female instructor available if you would prefer one?
  • Does the instructor run a door-to-door service?
  • Does he/she offer information on the theory test or post-test training?
  • What grade is the Instructor?

Driving standards agency accreditation

Driving instructors must be approved by the Driving Standards Agency. A green certificate fixed to the windscreen indicates that the instructor is fully qualified. A pink certificate indicates that he/she is a trainee.

What if you don’t get along with your instructor?

You can always change instructors if their availability, teaching style, or vehicle isn’t quite right for you.