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Scottish Fire & Rescue

“On this occasion there was a degree of fatigue. They’d set off early to do their deliveries. Just lost concentration or nodded off.”

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service firefighter Kenny Simmons has attended many fatal collisions caused by driver fatigue. Here he recalls one of them.


Police Scotland

“It can affect anybody. Any age, from any background.”

Police Scotland’s Sgt Bob McNay has experienced many incidents involving driver fatigue during his 12 years with the Road Policing Unit, some resulting in fatalities. Here he talks about the hazards of driving tired and shares vital advice for staying safe.

Scottish Ambulance Service

“You always remember what that scene was like. It was chaotic. There was someone there we couldn’t do anything for.”

Paramedic Brian Forbes recalls one of the many devastating incidents he has attended on Scotland’s roads, where driver fatigue was a factor with devastating – and fatal – consequences.


Blair Boyd workplace

“I think with the pressures of work now and the gig economy, the temptation’s there for people to drive while they’re tired.”

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist Blair Boyd shares important advice to help workplaces manage driver fatigue and reduce the risk of employees driving when tired.


Blair Boyd fatigue

“If I hadn’t stopped I could have potentially been in a really serious accident.”

Blair Boyd recalls his own experience with driver fatigue, and talks about why he would never contemplate getting behind the wheel when feeling tired.