Every day, people drive ‘a little’ too fast on Scotland’s roads. They tell themselves ‘it’s just a little bit, it won’t make much difference’. You know the feeling. You believe you’re a careful driver and it won’t happen to you. But every year, people die or are seriously injured following collisions involving vehicles exceeding the speed limit. It’s a troubling trend and the consequences are far reaching – for careless drivers as well as their victims. ‘Just a little bit’ of speeding could be the reason you lose your licence, your livelihood and even your family.

Are you a secret speeder?

Most drivers admit to at least occasionally exceeding the speed limits.1 Are you contributing to Scotland’s worrying speeding statistics? What excuses do you routinely tell yourself?

  • Excuse #1

    The road’s quieter than normal so it’s OK to go a little bit faster

  • Excuse #2

    You know this road really well so you’ll be fine

  • Excuse #3

    You’re running late so you have to drive faster

  • Excuse #4

    You need to speed up to overtake safely

  • Excuse #5

    You didn’t even realise you were speeding because everybody else must have been

  • Excuse #6

    You think the speed limit is too slow for the road.

There’s no excuse. There were 16 fatalities due to exceeding the speed related limit in 2018, with 63 people seriously injured. You’re responsible for the speed of your car.

1 RITS: Driver attitudes and behaviours tracker, Wave 18 – December 2019, Progressive, February 2020.

Be a safer driver

Speeding has serious consequences for everyone involved. Stick to the speed limits when you drive.

Would you rather be a little bit late than responsible for killing or seriously injuring someone?

Do you see yourself in our stories?

Save lives – and your licence – by driving safely

  • Remember, you could be disqualified from driving if you get 12 or more penalty points in a three-year period
  • You could get a £100 fine and three points on your licence for a fixed penalty notice
  • You could even end up in court where fines can cost you up to £1,000 (up to £2,500 for motorway driving).

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