The Facts

  • An average of 54 accidents a week involve a young driver aged between 17 and 25.
  • They account for ten per cent of all licence holders, yet young drivers are involved in 20 per cent of accidents.
  • Sadly, those accidents lead to an average of one death and more than 70 people injured every week.
54accidents a week involve a young driver aged between 17 and 25.

The Risks

Young drivers are still developing their skills. Their age and lack of experience put them in a very at-risk group. That means they are much more likely to be involved in an accident than an older driver.

Single-vehicle accidents are common among young drivers. Often they are the result of the driver losing control. The high rate of accidents means young drivers pay more for car insurance.

Kids in the Car

The Kids in the Car campaign shows how your driving behaviour impacts on young passengers.

Developing your driving skills

  • There are certain driving skills which cannot be acquired as quickly as a driving licence.
  • The ability to anticipate and spot hazards can only be developed with experience.
  • Failure to anticipate hazards is a common cause of road accidents – it means that you can’t stop in time!
  • Observation, concentration and anticipation are skills which you will develop over time.

Crash Magnets

Crash Magnets is a resource for S4-S6 pupils and seeks to engage them by making this subject relevant to their lives and experience. Crash Magnets is linked to Curriculum for Excellence and can be accessed at

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