#PlanSmartDriveSmart this summer staycation

With the boom in staycation holidays this summer, Scotland’s roads will be busier than ever. Our ‘Listen to the locals’ campaign encourages people to plan ahead and gives a flavour of what drivers can expect when driving in our beautiful country with friendly advice from those who know best. Help spread their good word with visitors today by using the ideas and assets below.



Key messages

Our key messages are:

  • Scotland’s roads will be busier than ever this holiday season
  • Plan ahead before setting off on your journey, know the types of roads that you will be using, and take plenty of rest stops to combat fatigue
  • Be patient with other road users as the roads are busier with holiday traffic – only overtake when it’s safe to do so
  • Scotland has many country and single track roads with limited but designated passing places, which may require new and different driving skills – please don’t block roads by parking in passing places
  • Prepare for the unexpected on Scotland’s country roads and look out for other more vulnerable roads users such as cyclists, motorbikes and potential hazards including farm traffic, pedestrians and animals

Partner Toolkit

The partner toolkit contains a range of suggestions and content that can be used to support the #PlanSmartDriveSmart campaign.

Social media

Not every holidaymaker will follow Road Safety Scotland on Facebook and Twitter, which is why we need your help to extend the reach of these messages.

Join us on the following pages, and help us keep more people safe on Scotland’s roads this summer. We love engaging, sharing and retweeting content from friends in return.

Our Facebook page is here – facebook.com/roadsafetyscot

Our Twitter handle is @roadsafetyscot

The campaign hashtag is #PlanSmartDriveSmart

The visitor facing web page is Driving around Scotland | Road Safety Scotland. Please use this bitly link if you need a shortened version – https://bit.ly/3w1pRL1

Look out for content on the Road Safety Scotland info hub that might be relevant to share. Here are some recent relevant articles to consider linking to:

Stay within the speed limits this staycation | Scotlands Road Safety Framework
Whatever you’re towing, make it SAFE | Scotlands Road Safety Framework

Visit Scotland also have some good driving advice pages for advice, as well as inspiration, and might be good content to link road safety messages into in a very natural way, throughout the summer season:

Scotland’s most scenic driving routes
6 can’t miss drives across Scotland
5 beautiful weekend road trips in Scotland
North Coast 500
The South West 300
The Snow Roads Scenic Route

Social media posts

Social media post examples

We’re supporting Road Safety Scotland’s new staycation campaign, reminding drivers to plan ahead before driving on Scotland’s roads this summer. Listen to the locals and find out more at https://bit.ly/3w1pRL1 #PlanSmartDriveSmart

[Around that corner image version]
Take it from Shona, driving on Scotland’s country roads can be tricky. Take your time and expect the unexpected. Find out more at https://bit.ly/3w1pRL1 #PlanSmartDriveSmart

[Oi! Get out my lane version]
Overtaking can be tough, but overtaking a highland cow is a different story altogether! Driving in Scotland requires a little more care and planning. Take it from the locals. Find out more at https://bit.ly/3w1pRL1 #PlanSmartDriveSmart


We have created a series of posters in both A3 and A4 that you can download and print for your own use.

Top tip: Think about displaying these in places that are near areas visitors and customers might pass through before driving, so they get the message at a relevant time.

Don’t want to print? We can send you them pre-printed in either size. Please contact stuart.omalley@leith.co.uk

Key touch points

Depending on your business and how you interact with customers, there also might be other relevant places to seed this important safety messaging:

  • During your booking / confirmation process
  • Via Customer database emails or newsletters
  • Within physical ticket packs or welcome packs

We are already working successfully with a number of partners in this area. For support with setting this up, please contact stuart.omalley@leith.co.uk.

The real locals – you and your staff!

We all know word of mouth is so powerful, and so many of the interactions that holidaymakers have with service providers are notoriously memorable. You might already tell them ‘Drive safe’ without thinking, as they leave you. But what more could you say in conversations that really gives them something to think about and act on?

Thank you for supporting our campaign.