To tackle the serious issue of speeding on Scotland’s roads, the Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland (part of Transport Scotland) have launched a new road safety campaign urging drivers to watch their speed and consider the severe consequences a collision can have on the lives of many – including the driver, their family, the victim’s family, the emergency services and witnesses. The campaign will run across a number of platforms throughout Scotland including radio, social media and other digital channels. Below are assets for you to use to help spread our important campaign messages.

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Key Campaign Messages

Our overall campaign messages are:

  • It doesn’t matter if it’s a little bit too fast or you didn’t mean to go over, there’s no excuse for speeding.
  • Speeding can have devastating consequences on the lives of many.
  • A collision involving speed affects more than just you and your car – it also has an impact on your family, the victim’s family, the emergency services, and people who witness it.
  • If you are caught speeding you could face severe penalties such as losing your licence, a substantial fine, a criminal record, unemployment, and a prison sentence.
  • Travelling too fast for the conditions or excessive speed was reported in 21% of fatal accidents.
  • Common excuses for speeding are running out of petrol, the road being quiet, and keeping up with traffic also being perceived as exceeding the speed limit.
  • Speed is a key priority for the Scottish Government and an integral part of the Road Safety Framework to 2030.
  • Speeding is always a risk. Whatever your reason for speeding, it’s still speeding. #DriveSmart.
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Social Media Copy

We would appreciate if you would share our content through your own social media channels. Below is suggested copy for each of our campaign executions.

A little bit over the speed limit could leave you facing a big day in court. There’s no excuse for speeding.

How would you get to work without your car? Lose your licence and you could lose your job. There’s no excuse for speeding.

Get caught speeding and you’ll be treated like any other criminal. There’s no excuse for speeding.

Get caught speeding and you’ll end up with a big rise in insurance costs. There’s no excuse for speeding.

Speed Stakeholder Toolkit


Social Media Headers

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