Additional Support Needs

Additional Support Needs

Young people’s additional learning road safety support

The A2B section aims to support pedestrian training for young people (aged 10-18+) with additional learning needs. It can also be used as a tool for learning English as a second/foreign language.

These activities offer young people the opportunity to learn about roads and traffic in a safe and supported environment.

Curriculum for Excellence

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HWB 2-16a, HWB 2-18a, HWB 2-19a, HWB 3-16a, HWB 3-17a, HWB 3-18a, HWB 4-16a, HWB 4-17a, HWB 4-18a, HWB 4-19a

LIT 2-02a, LIT 2-13a, LIT 3-02a, LIT 3-13a, LIT 4-02a, LIT 4-13a