Delivery styles

Delivery styles at YDIs

The key to a successful YDI delivery is using a range of approaches to learning including video, case studies, group activities, discussion, problem solving, and question and answer sessions.

Introduce yourself

If you’re a stranger to the young people it is important to spend a short time on introductions. If you find it easy to introduce humour naturally do so, without it being contrived.

Poking fun at yourself can help make the young people feel at ease in your company. If you can appear to have an easy authority the young people will warm to you.

Using Powerpoint effectively

Powerpoint is seen as a potentially stimulating visual prompter at best, and at worst as an overly whiz bang slideshow, with complicated images, extensive text and unreadable tables of statistics.

‘Information overload’ and ‘death by PowerPoint’ have become by-words for boredom, too much information and not enough story, discussion, activity, and audience stimulation.

We all need to feel supported and sometimes a few slides can say in pictures and diagrams ideas we can’t easily put into words. It should be seen as a prompt for discussion, a stimulus for an activity or a tool to move to a new topic.

Delivery to suit each session

The style of delivery will be governed by the scale, venue and number of partners that are involved. However, there are certain aspects of delivery that should be common to all. The four capacities which form the framework for Curriculum for Excellence provide the style of learning that should be employed and the terms that should be used.

The right words

Language is strongly related to learning and finding the right way of expressing a view, a situation, or an incident will be crucial to how young people perceive its relevance to them and their world. Using terms that are understood by everyone and concepts that can be grasped easily, will hugely aid delivery.