Why evaluate YDI sessions?

Here are some good reasons to evaluate your Young Driver Intervention session:

  • Encourage better governance and evaluation of interventions. Ensure that road safety education and awareness interventions are based on scientific theory and evidence of effectiveness, and represent good value for money. (Recommendation 16)
  • Collect further evidence on the benefits of a broad range of education and training interventions, delivered before and while young people learn to drive. (Recommendation 2)

Advice on getting both positive and negative feedback

Evaluation is nothing to be scared of and can sometimes offer real encouragement when you receive positive feedback. Hearing that your group enjoyed their session can be highly motivating.

It’s important to note however that enjoying a session does not mean that the desired learning outcomes were achieved, as noted in the recommendations above, so it’s important to ensure your evaluation is able to dig deeper into how effective your session was for the group.

Evidence that a training session has been effective means that you have achieved your goal: safer driving for the young drivers you spoke to and safer roads for society as a whole. A successful outcome is something to be proud of and if your evaluation shows there are areas where your session could be improved, this gives an excellent place to start when creating your next session.