Practicalities to consider

Some essential practicalities to consider when you’re running a Young Driver Intervention.

Assisting partners and guests

Make sure that you and any guests who may be helping with your presentation know where the venue is and how to get there and that you have everything you’ll need.

Researching your venue & audience

If possible, visiting the venue before your session is a good idea. If not, a phone call or an email can be very useful. Ideally talking to one of the teachers who teaches some or all of the young people in your group or speaking to the head teacher will allow you to ask suitable questions.

Your session venue

Consider the following questions:

  • How big is the room, what facilities does it have and how is the room set up? Is there an overhead projector and screen?
  • Can I change the room lay out and move furniture? If so do I need to leave the room exactly as I found it after the session?
  • Will the teacher be part of the training session? If not can I update the teacher on the session content so they can follow up with the participants later?
  • How long will I have to set up?
  • What should I do if a pupil misbehaves or becomes ill? Are there any pupils with different learning or emotional needs of whom I should be aware?

Child Protection Disclosure

If you have not been through the Child Protection Disclosure procedure, the teacher will need to be present during your training session.

Print your handouts

If you plan to give participants an evaluation questionnaire before and after your session, make sure you print these to take with you. If you have any handouts or exercise sheets for your session make sure you take sufficient copies along also, don’t rely on printing at the venue.

If there’s anything else integral to your session like coloured markers, props, film clips, or games, take them with you or be prepared to do your session without if necessary.

Make sure you have a Plan B.

With the best planning possible, something will inevitably go wrong! Always make sure to have a plan B in case of technical difficulties so that you’re not left without a workable session if you have an issue with your lap top or the school’s IT equipment.