The right training

Getting the right training

Good interventions for young drivers have the potential to change behaviour, improve safety and to prevent injury and save lives of young drivers and other road users.

Getting young driver interventions right is therefore highly significant with potentially wide reaching effects.

Are you qualified to present Young Driver Interventions?

You don’t have to know all the right answers but it builds confidence in the learners if the educator has a solid knowledge on a subject.

Accredited training for partners in education provides a firm foundation of Theory and Practice related to research studies, identifying the most effective method of influencing positive attitudes and behaviours.

Knowing you are properly qualified can give you the confidence to:

  • Handle question and answer sessions
  • Host discussion on a subject
  • Employ active learning styles engage young people
  • Persuade young people towards safe practices behind the wheel

This section will help you get to know more about getting the right training to hold Young Driver Interventions.