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Young drivers at work case study

Here is some information on projects associated with training young people to be better drivers.

RoSPA’s Young Drivers At Work resource (for employers)

Research findings:

  • 60% of employers surveyed felt that the current system of driver training and testing was not adequate for preparing young drivers to drive for work.
  • Three-quarters of employers surveyed reported that their young employees were driving in situations not covered by the current learner test, for example driving at night or in icy conditions.
  • More than half of employers surveyed would like to see a post-test driving qualification introduced. Developing safer driver attitudes, driving in different conditions, enhanced hazard perception, and motorway driving were the top issues employers would like to be included.
  • Employers preferred training to take place during work time. They wanted the qualification to be accredited to a national standard. Large-sized companies and non-commercial organisations would have the capacity to provide accredited driving training in-house.
  • Employers are using probation periods and restrictions on what young drivers can initially do, in order to structure their driving for work experience.

Based on this research RoSPA developed a Young Drivers at Work Workshop, which aims to:

  • Develop participants’ knowledge about the specific issues to do with driving for work.
  • Help young at-work drivers understand how they can develop the additional skills they need when driving for work.
  • Identify new ways that the employer can help their younger drivers use the road safely, by understanding the influence that they are having from the perspective of their young drivers.

Young Drivers At Work Online Toolkit