Published: 05 September 2018

Author: Mairi Blair

‘School Daze’ is a play for S1 pupils and introduces Emma, Robbie and friends, who are starting secondary school and have to cope with the changes in their lifestyle that growing up brings.

There are many new situations bringing both enjoyment and danger. The progression from starting school to the familiarity of daily routines, increasingly involves distractions which influence their rational thought and hazard perception. There are exciting and frightening times ahead and a lot of things to assimilate in their new found autonomy, but how will they deal with them?

These lessons are active and open ended. Some of them require more structure than others and some are designed to illicit creative thinking. They are designed to engage the brain actively and challenge pupils to critically analyse their behaviours in terms of safety and peer pressure, etc.

They are not prescriptive but provide a solid framework for teachers to extend and differentiate accordingly, potentially providing motivation to take the messages further than the classroom.

The main aim is to shift behaviours. Change something.

School Daze - Lesson and script

12 x teacher lessons and supporting script.