Advice for visitors.

This webpage gives advice on the correct use of single-track roads and a reminder to drive on the left.
We hope you enjoy your visit to Scotland.

Remember to drive on the left

Keep left when starting off or when turning from one road to another.
When entering a roundabout, give way to traffic coming from the right.
After stopping for fuel or a break stay on the left.

Single Track Roads

Do stop to let approaching traffic pass.
Do stop to allow overtaking.
Do not park in a passing place.
Stay on the left. If the Passing Place is on your right, wait opposite to allow traffic to pass.
There are often long distances between petrol stations. Plan ahead at the start of a long journey.
Look out for cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and horseriders.
Look out for sheep and wild animals.
Never use your mobile phone while driving.
Never drink any alcohol and drive.

Speed limits

Built up area

Single carriageway

Dual carriageway


30mph (48km/h) 60mph (97km/h) 70mph (113km/h) 70mph (113km/h)
30mph (48km/h) 50mph (80km/h) 60mph (97km/h) 60mph (97km/h)
30mph (48km/h) 50mph (80km/h) 60mph (97km/h) 70mph (113km/h)