Young drivers campaign assets

Our ‘Drive like Gran's in the car’ campaign looks to encourage safer driving habits in young male drivers aged 20-29 years in Scotland. The relatable, straight-talking Gran characters appear unexpectedly across a range of scenarios to put their Grandsons firmly in their place about their unsafe driving behaviour.

Use our stakeholder toolkit and the individual campaign assets below to help spread Gran’s very important messages.

Young Drivers Campaign Stakeholder Toolkit

Road deaths are an ongoing issue impacting young men in Scotland. Research reveals that over 60% of Scottish men aged 20-29 consider themselves to be either very good or excellent drivers, and that 20-29 year olds are more likely to be involved in a collision than any other age group.

Drink driving

Drink driving can have devastating consequences. Even one drink is too many. Drive like Gran’s in the car.

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Distractions – be aware of those inside and outside the car

Don’t use your phone while driving. Sort your sat nav before you set off. And don’t let mates distract you. Drive like Gran’s in the car.

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Don’t take drugs and drive

Drug driving can have devastating consequences, and now you can be tested at the roadside. Drive like Gran’s in the car.

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Vulnerable road users

Driving at an inappropriate speed in built-up areas, risks your own life and the lives of others.

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Country Roads – Prepare for the Unexpected

No matter how well you know the route, slow down on country roads. Drive like Gran’s in the car.

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Speed – don’t exceed the speed limits

If you’re going too fast to react to what’s ahead of you in time, you’re putting yourself and your passengers at risk.

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