Secondary school pupils can be at more risk on Scotland’s roads than they think.

Road Safety Scotland has a variety of teaching options and engaging learning resources.

At a busy time in the curriculum, it’s important to keep up the momentum for road safety learning.

Your Call

Young people aged between 11 and 14 are statistically most at risk on Scotland’s roads. Your Call targets that ‘at-risk’ age group with a range of interactive activities which explore risk taking, decision making, personal safety, pre-driver attitudes and peer pressure.

At its heart are two feature films which explore the impact a road accident can have on young lives – one from a pedestrian perspective for younger pupils and, for older pupils, with a passenger theme.

Pupils are actively encouraged to discuss and share experiences, reflect and challenge their own behaviour with a view to taking responsibility for their own safety and that of others.

Your Call focuses on relevant issues for the 11 to 14 age group, using a style and range of imagery that  they identify with.

Designed to link to Health and Wellbeing subjects, it has a flexible learning approach that sits at the heart of Curriculum for Excellence.

Your Call’s interactive education tool has mobile compatibility and can be used by both teachers and students using a tablet or mobile phone.

Visit Your Call.

Crash Magnets

For many young people aged 14-17, road safety is a subject associated with primary school and no longer of relevance. They perceive themselves to be more at risk from hazards other than those involving cars.  Crash Magnets is a resource for S4-S6 pupils and seeks to engage them by making this subject relevant to their lives and experience.

Road Safety learning is vitally important in shaping opinions and attitudes to: speeding; drink driving; drug driving; and in-car safety. Crash Magnets targets young people before they pass the driving test, to try and ensure their well-being on the road by encouraging them to make the right decisions for themselves, and others, in the same way that they would on any other health issue.

The online activities cover subjects such as driver distraction, speed, the cruise culture and drink and drug driving. They are combined with DVD clips of other young people sharing their experiences, with the aim being to encourage students to feel confident about expressing themselves in class about their own opinions and experiences. The resource acknowledges that, at their age, driving a car has great benefits in developing independence and for some, defines them as an adult. However, this must be balanced with an understanding of the dangers of behaving irresponsibly at the wheel.

Crash Magnets is linked to Curriculum for Excellence and can be accessed at

Get In Lane

New and young drivers are a priority audience group when it comes to taking risks on Scotland’s roads. Get In Lane targets this hard to reach ‘at-risk’ age group with a range of interactive games and mobile friendly content, which explores best practice driving tips, personal safety, pre-driver attitudes and peer pressure in a engaging fun and informative manner.

The main aim of the site is to advise and inform young people of the law and rules of the road.

The site covers topics from pre-driving, to passing your test and getting your first car. It offers practical advice and information on roads and the laws of the road using language and content that is easy to understand and easy to digest.

Get In Lane focuses on relevant issues for the Senior Phase (S4-S6) age group, using interactive content, including video case files with content fully accessible in the App Library on GLOW.

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Theatre in Education

Theatre is a particularly effective way to explore road safety issues with all ages.

In particular, Theatre-in-Education has been shown to be successful at tackling themes of social pressure and alternative behaviours.

Drama and plays are seen as an integral part of the curriculum and an alternative way of delivering the road safety message.

Baldy Bane Theatre Company has been commissioned by Road Safety Scotland to present two secondary school plays which deliver the road safety message.

For S1 pupils, a new play called ‘School Daze’ has been developed that introduces Emma, Robbie and friends, who are starting secondary school and have to cope with the changes in their lifestyle that growing up brings. There are many new situations bringing both enjoyment and danger. The progression from starting school to the familiarity of daily routines, increasingly involves distractions which influence their rational thought and hazard perception.

A support resource is also available for download in the resource and publications area.

‘Friends Disunited’ is for S5/6 pupils. Humorous and witty but with a hard-hitting message, it highlights the enjoyment and responsibility that comes with being a new driver.

The drama follows four secondary school friends whose lives are shattered by the inexperience and over-confidence of one young driver.

Tours are organised with local Road Safety teams. Schools are contacted directly either by the theatre company or Road Safety teams.

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