Road safety with Streetsense 2

The Streetsense 2 resource is a great way to engage primary children in active and interdisciplinary learning. It aims to challenge knowledge, attitudes and behaviours, enabling children to self-reflect.

Learning Zone

The easy way to teach children road safety skills that will last them a lifetime. All the resources, games and activities are fun and engaging, and are aligned with Curriculum for Excellence.

Curriculum for Excellence

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HWB 0-16a, HWB 0-17a, HWB 0-18a, HWB 0-19a, HWB 1-16a, HWB 1-17a, HWB 1-18a, HWB 1-19a, HWB 2-16a, HWB 2-17a, HWB 2-18a, HWB 2-19a

EXA 0-04a, EXA 0-05a, EXA 0-14a, EXA 1-02a, EXA 1-05a, EXA 1-13a, EXA 1-14a, EXA 2-02a, EXA 2-05a, EXA 2-13a

LIT 0-02a, ENG 0-03a, LIT 0-04a, LIT 0-07a, LIT 0-09a, LIT 0-14a, LIT 0-16a, ENG 0-17a, LIT 0-19a, LIT 1-02a, LIT 1-04a, LIT 1-09a, LIT 1-14a, LIT 1-16a, LIT 1-22a, LIT 1-26a, LIT 2-02a, LIT 2-04a, LIT 2-09a, LIT 2-14a, LIT 2-16a, LIT 2-22a, LIT 2-26a

ENG 2-03a, ENG 2-17a

MNU 0-01a, MNU 0-10a, MNU 0-20c, MNU 1-20a, MNU 1-20b, MNU 2-20b

MTH 0-13a, MTH 0-17a, MTH 1-21a, MTH 2-21a, MTH 2-21a

SOC 0-07a, SOC 0-09a, SOC 0-16a, SOC 1-16a, SOC 1-18a, SOC 2-09a, SOC 2-16a