A school travel plan will help keep pupils, parents, teachers, and visitors safe, fit and healthy.

Activity: Create your own travel plan in class

Work solo, or in pairs to create a travel plan from your house to the school.

  1. Consider the safest places to cross and the best pavements to use near your school.
  2. Pay special attention to finding local pelican, zebra, puffin, traffic islands, and lollipop people.
  3. Mark the safe routes on a map (Tip: You could use a print out of your school’s area on Google Maps).

Points to consider when creating your travel plan

  • Does something stop you from being able to walk or cycle to school? Is there anything you or your school can do about this?
  • How safe is it for you when you arrive at school? If you drive, do you have a safe journey from where you get dropped off to the school gates? If you walk, are there parked cars that make it difficult to cross the road?
  • How do most people travel into school (e.g. by car, bus, on foot or by bike/scooter)?
  • Does your school have enough bike/scooter storage?

Your school’s travel plan

Most local authorities have a School Travel Coordinator who can help you find out if you already have a school travel plan. Sustrans, a road safety charity, can also help.