Curriculum for Excellence 2022-23

Our Curriculum for Excellence 2022-23 information contains details of the full range of RSS learning resources for ages 3-18


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The First level content is aimed at children in P2, P3 and P4.


The Roadstars characters set up interactive missions with some specific ones aimed at children at the first learning stage.


  • Animated superhero characters tasking children with missions to develop road safety skills as they grow and learn
  • Engaging videos and interactive experiences challenging attitudes and behaviours
  • Notes for Educators


To develop knowledge and understanding and challenge attitudes and behaviours in an active and immersive way.

Experiences and outcomes in:

Health and wellbeing:
responsibility of all

HWB 0-17a HWB 0-18a
HWB 1-17a HWB 1-18a
HWB 2-16a HWB 2-17a HWB 2-18a

Literacy: responsibility of all

LIT 0-04a LIT 0-14a LIT 0-01a
LIT 0-11a LIT 0-20a
LIT 1-07a LIT 1-09a

Numeracy: responsibility of all

MNU 0-20c
MNU 2-10b MNU 2-11b

Numeracy and mathematics

MTH 0-13a MTH 0-17a
MTH 1-21a
MTH 2-21a

Social studies

SOC 0-07a
SOC 1-14a SOC 1-17a

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