Go Safe with Ziggy



Early learning road safety with Ziggy

Go Safe with Ziggy helps equip children with the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will help keep them stay safe now and in later life.

This resource has been developed alongside:

  • Scottish Government’s policy on early intervention and Curriculum for Excellence framework which encourages hands-on, multimedia experiences as well as tasks at home, nursery and school.
  • The ambition to target three key age groups: 0-3, pre-school, and the transition into primary 1.
  • Home learning as part of the early learning curriculum through Early Learning and Childcare centres and primary 1 classes.
  • The aspiration to encourage and inspire young children (and the adults around them) to go on their own road safety journey through real experiences alongside Ziggy and playing, talking, and reading together.

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The easy way to teach children road safety skills that will last them a lifetime. All the resources, games and activities are fun and engaging, and are aligned with Curriculum for Excellence.