About the Go Safe with Ziggy resource

Go Safe with Ziggy sets young children up with skills they’ll use for life. The activities, ideas and games are all fun, easy, and engaging and have been designed to help form positive attitudes and good habits from a young age.

Both the online and the offline materials make light work of road safety learning – bringing the main themes to life and ticking off learning outcomes across subjects in Curriculum for Excellence.

Skills that last a lifetime

Road safety lessons might start with a story or a game but the real learning will come from the experiences children have. We suggest using the stories to start the learning journey then explore the key themes through the active experiences and play.

How to use the resource

  • All the materials (online and offline) are available for all children, parents/carers, and educators in Scotland.
  • Currently, the 0-3 buggy book ‘Out and About’ is distributed to all babies at the 6-16 weeks visit as part of the Scottish Book Trust’s Bookbug Baby Bag. From 2018/19, the buggy book will be incorporated into the Baby Box, although the Gaelic version will continue to be part of the Bookbug Baby Bag.
  • Big Book Sets – teaching packs containing the Ziggy stories in big book format – are available for Early Learning Childcare Centres and primary 1 classes (further copies are available on request.)
  • A Big Book Set is available for any community setting where parents/carers attend with their young children.
  • Early Learning and Childcare centres and primary 1 classes are invited to order the little books for children to take home on an annual basis.
  • The little books for home complement the classwork and help maintain the link between home and school.