Go Safe with Ziggy




Showing children how to cross the road safely

We all know crossing the road can be dangerous. That’s why it’s so important to teach young children to take extra care.

Share these 3 ways to cross safely with your group/class/child:

  1. Find the safest place to cross.
    Always cross where you can see the traffic coming from all directions. The safest places to cross the road are:

    • Puffin, zebra and pelican crossings.
    • Zebra crossings are marked with yellow beacons. Stand on the kerb to show drivers you want to cross, and wait for the traffic to stop.
    • Footbridges and subways – these walkways run over and under the road to keep pedestrians and traffic separate.
    • Traffic islands – pavement-like areas between lanes of big or busy roads, so you can safely cross one lane at a time.
  2. Stop, look, and listen.
    These may seem like three simple steps, but each one is crucial:

    • Stopping gives you time to look properly.
    • Looking helps you find a safe gap in the traffic.
    • Listening lets you hear any nearby views that you can’t see yet.
  3. Cross straight over the road, never diagonally.
    If you cross the road diagonally you’re in the traffic’s path for longer. So it’s always safest to cross directly from one side to the other.